GIG 150: Huggy Bear – Camden Palace, 15th February 1994

Tuesday night and The Feet First Club at the Camden Palace once again beckoned. A fairly large group of us descended on Mornington Crescent, took the walk up the steps to the once grand old theatre, paid our dues at the door, and hit the dancefloor ands bars within.

I loved Camden Palace. It was a warren of corridors, staircases, dancefloors and balconies. Tuesday nights when Jonathon and Eko reigning supreme on the turntables blasting out a range of old and new Indie, Rock and Alternative tracks to give us our soundtrack of misspent, but glorious, nights.

Then at the stroke of midnight the turntables would stop spinning to allow whichever band was going to grace the stage that evening to come on and, hopefully, continuing the entertainment for 30 – 45 minutes, before leaving the stage and allowing the turntables to start spinning again, enticing everyone back to the dancefloor.

This evening it was the turn of Brighton based Huggy Bear to entertain us. They got labeled as a Riot Grrrl act, playing a mix of punk and more mellowed tracks. Whilst the song I’ve selected below (Single Bullets) is one I enjoy, generally I was not a fan of Huggy Bear and thought they were terrible live on this occasion.

Huggy Bear – Single Bullets
Price: £1 or £2 with flyer

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