GIG 148: Skyscraper – Camden Palace, 8th February 1994

I was, at this point, still only an infrequent visitor to Camden Palace’s Feet First Alternative Night on Tuesday’s. I loved the venue, but had probably only been about a dozen times in four years – although that would change pretty quickly.

Todays midnight band was a British rock band called Skyscraper. I’d not really heard much about them, although they had been getting quite favourable attention in the British music press. They had a grungy element to them, which was extremely popular in the early 90’s, and I think a number of reviewers thought they’d be ‘the next big thing’ ™.

Whilst they were ok I didn’t think they were great. But then I was less interested in a lot of the more mainstream sounding rock and preferred my Industrial/EBM/Goth sounding bands.

It was a nice night out, but I’m not sure if I overslept the next day or had arranged to go to work late as I didn’t start until 11am (we used to open at 9.30am). Given it was rare to start late I half expect I overslept as I didn’t leave Camden Palace before 3am and then would have had to get home to Finchley.

Skyscraper – ManMadeHell

Price: Probably £1 or £2 with flyer

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