GIG 128: Lobsterphone – The Dandy Lion, 30th August 1993

The August Bank Holiday Monday. I’d spent the weekend playing football in the mornings and gaming in the afternoons and evenings (a mega two-day session of TORG) and now it was the last night before everyone went back to work. So, not to have a quiet night in to start the week all fresh faced and awake, I headed up to Barnet to attend the local Indie/Student night at The Dandy Lion.

The band in question this week were Lobsterphone.

Unfortunately that’s pretty much all I can say about them. The Dandy Lion on Modnays, whilst a fun evening of dancing and chatting with friends, rarely had notable bands play – usually a mishmash of local bands, Sadly I can’t recall Lobsterphone at all and according to my notes I really didn’t rate them.

Price: Unknown

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