Face The Music with Andreas Lundstrom

Most interviews with games industry figures tend to be about our latest game or “hot new thing” we’re working on. But what about the people behind the games we play and, hopefully, love? Little is said, or explored, of the actual person’s tastes, or how they got into the hobby, etc.

Face The Music is a new column in which I aim to explore a side that is rarely explored – music tastes of the people behind the games we play. What do they listen to? Bands they love? Greatest gig? Do they use music whilst they work, or whilst they game?

Each week I’ll be chatting to someone in the games industry about their musical tastes. This week I’m chatting to someone who works in both the games *and* music industries, combining his love of both to produce a range of great soundtracks to use whilst gaming. Andreas Lundstrom has created soundtracks for a number of games such as Vaesen, Twilight: 2000 and Forbidden Lands. He also GM’s the Sweden Rolls Actual Play podcast, which was voted The Best Actual Play Podcast of 2021 by EN World readers.

What are your favourite bands and genre?

I really love Folk and World music and movie scores as well, I really love the emotion you get from many movie scores!
Favourite bands/artists, hmm… it really depends so much on my mood. But frequent on my Spotify playlists at the moment are the soundtracks for Mandalorian and Conan, Leonard Cohen, Loreena McKennit, First Aid Kit and The Levellers.

How many gigs have you been to? What was your first/last? Your favourite? What band/performer have you never seen live but would love to?

I’ve been to countless gigs. Hundreds? Thousands?
My first gig was Iron Maiden in 1990, I was totally blown away by the volume and the atmosphere!!!
My latest (I hope it won’t be my last 😉 ) was a small gig at a pirate bar in Stockholm. Cozy and nice!

I would really have loved to go to a concert with the Pogues before Shane MacGowan started falling asleep in stage! I’ve seen most of my other musical heroes.

Levellers – Behold A Pale Rider

Do you listen to music whilst writing/designing?

Oh always! When I am writing RPG scenarios or other stuff I always have music in the background! Always ambient instrumental music though as music with lyrics often disturb more than it helps.

Do you use music whilst gaming?

Yes, always, unless a player might wish me not to, or I am GM-ing at a con etc. I once had a player with impaired hearing and I skipped music for their sake.

What are your top five favourite albums?

Impossible task, but just for argument’s sake I’m gonna name a few nice ones:
OST for Conan the Barbarian – one of the best movie scores ever, by Basil Poledouris.
Loreena McKennit – Live in Paris and Toronto. Loreena at the high point of her career. Incredible songs played by amazing musicians!
The definitive Simon and Garfunkel – The best versions of their best songs! Chosen by Art himself.
Any compilation of Ennio Morricone’s movie scores
OST for Legend – Perfect for your RPG session!

Debussy – Clair de Lune

If you were stranded on a ship hurtling through deep space, which ten tracks would you want to have with you?

The Lonesome Boatman (irish trad)

Clair de Lune (Debussy)
Anvil of Crom (Basil Poledouris)
Behold a Pale Rider (The Levellers)

Emmy Lou (First Aid Kit)
Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen)

Force Theme (Star Wars)

Keeper of the Seven Keys (Helloween)

Young Ned of the Hill (Pogues)

The Icons (Andreas Lundström)

And a non-music question – and plans/projects for the coming year that you’d like to talk about?

Yes, I am releasing a few new Official Soundtracks for RPGs. Vaesen Mythic Britain & Ireland, Bloodmarch (Forbidden Lands) and probably one or two more. Our podcast Sweden Rolls was voted top Actual Play podcast of 2021 so we are hoping for many new co-operations and guests for 2022!


Sweden Rolls Podcast

Andreas Lundstrom on Spotify

Andreas Lundstrom YouTube Channel

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