GIG 065: Creaming Jesus – Camden Palace, 4th September 1990

I had become a massive fan of Creaming Jesus by the time I saw them at the Feet First club at Camden Palace. This was the third time I had seen them live I think, and I threw myself in to the thick of it, and I remember this gig really well.

I was, strange as it seems now, a bit of a gangly teenager and the Creaming Jesus ‘mosh pit’ was a bit chaotic to say the least. I also attracted the attention of someone much bigger than me who decided it was fun to keep bashing me to the ground – but apparently everyone else thought he was a bit of a dick too, as some of the hardcore Creaming Jesus fans decided that wasn’t on and hauled me up, gave the guy some of his own back and then took me on board as one of their own 🙂

I loved Creaming Jesus anyway, but the fact they had some great fans was just an added bonus. If they ever reformed I’d go and see them in a shot, and still listening to their albums and EPs every so often today.

Creaming Jesus – Lillies
Price: Unknown

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