GIG 050: And The Generals Ran Forever / Tragic Roundabout / Ship of Fools – The Marquee, 15th April 1990

This was my fifth gig of the month and came after a very late night party at a friends house and having spent most of the afternoon before the gig in a snooker club completely failing to pot more than two balls in sequence (those damn snooker tables are way bigger than pool tables! – that’s my excuse, not the hangover or the lack of skill!!!). Anyway, I’m not sure I was in the best form for really going out to a gig on a Sunday evening after a long weekend of fun, but I went anyway (with Neil, who was the drummer-wannabe-guitarist of a band we’d decided to form).

It was down to the fact that ‘And The Generals Ran Forever’ were playing that we went. I’d seen them before and they were good, and continued to be so on this occasion too. Sadly their main support, ‘Tragic Roundabout’, wasn’t really to my liking but the first band to hit the stage, ‘Ship of Fools’, were pretty decent. Certainly one of the better opening acts I’d seen for a while.

I’ve managed to discover a video for And The Generals Ran Forever, which surprised me as I never knew they’d recorded anything and the only pages that come up when I search Google are posts from me on my old LiveJournal and a solitary gig logged on a Concert Archives sites (but none of the gigs I saw them at!). Anyway, said video for a track called Hungry Child, can be seen here on Youtube. Unfortunately it can only be viewed on Youtube and I can’t embed it on this page for you.

Price: Unknown

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