GIG 049: All About Eve / Lilac Time – The Royal Albert Hall, 10th April 1990

Pretty much covered this one in the last gig update.

This was the first time I’d seen the same band two nights in a row, or even twice on the same tour. There have certainly been a few bands that I’ve made a point in buying tickets to each of the gigs they were playing in London if they had a multiday residency somewhere. Many of the bands play around with their set, so seeing them across two (or more) dates gives you a chance to here the classics you love twice over, but a slightly different sprinkling of other back catalog, or current album, tracks that they don’t play every night. Of course occasionally you do also get the same set list with no change (although if they’re a great band and you love the music that’s not necessarily a bad thing) and, which happened on one occasion several years after this gig, you see a band who trashes their set and instruments in their encore which seems really spontaneous and refreshing – only for them to do so again in exactly the same sequence the following night… which actually cast a bit of a shadow over what had previously seem very spontaneous but was actually a very well rehearsed choreography.

Thankfully The Eves continued to shine brightly and I was very pleased to see have both their nights at the Royal Albert Hall 🙂

All About Eve – Wild Hearted Woman
Price: £8.50

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