GIG 041: Giant International / The Name / Clay People – Marquee, 28th February 1990

Giant International were a fun band live. I’d seen them supporting The Otherside (GIG 036) the pervious month and they impressed enough that I headed into central London on a Wednesday evening to catch them headlining the Marquee themselves. Support came in the form of a band called The Name (who were also pretty good) and another band called Clay People (who weren’t so good).

Giant International are another of those bands that played the circuit a lot, released a single or EP, but due to being ‘pre-mass internet’ and certainly ‘pre-mobile phones with video recorders’ have almost zero footprint online to show they existed. It’s a real shame as there were a lot of interesting bands around that have been consigned to the occasional memory of those that saw them (or were in them) or have been largely been forgotten,

Giant International – Breakfast in the Grove
Price: Unknown

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