GIG 035: Medicine Factory / Trash / Wild Poppies / World of Music – Marquee, 10th January 1990

“Grebo” was a made-up scene by papers such as the NME and Melody Maker to categorise a number of bands around in the late 80’s such as Neds Atomic Dustbin, Wonder Stuff, PWEI, Gaye Bykers on Acid, etc, and attracted a lot of the same crowd that were into post-punk and goth.

The Medicine Factory somehow fell in to this category although I wouldn’t have called them ‘Grebo’ (I don’t actually recall the word Grebo being used at the time for any of those bands, the first band I remember hearing the term used for was Carter USM – and then Neds, etc, after that.)

I only saw Medicine Factory this one time, and whilst they didn’t blow me away they were pretty good and certainly the best of the bunch on this occasion. I wish I’d actually seen them again as, listening to the video I attached to this entry, I quite like them :p

Medicine Factory – Hotwired
Price: Unknown

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