GIG 031: Tilt / Q Lazzarus – Marquee, 6th November 1989

This was one of those ‘we’re bored and it’s Monday’ moments where we decided to head in to London and see some bands, and what better place to do that than The Marquee on Charing Cross Road. A venue that was fast becoming a second home!

I headed down with a couple of friends, Jim and Nick, not really knowing anything about the bands playing. Tilt were ok at best and I apparently really wasn’t all that keen on Q Lazzarus, although I did see them again about a year later and enjoyed them.

Although there are apparently a number of bands called Tilt, the band I saw this autumn evening must have vanished into nothingness as I can’t find anything about them online.

But Q Lazzarus had some success (mainly with Goodbye Horses) which appeared on a couple of film soundtracks (most famously in Silence of the Lambs) as well as some computer games. The story of Q Lazzarus is actually pretty interesting, as she completely vanished from everything what must have been 2 or 3 years after this gig. None of her friends, or bandmates, ever heard from her again and she never collected any royalties for her music. I’ve added an extra Youtube video at the end of this article that looks into the mystery.

Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses
Price: Unknown

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