GIG 030: Ghost Dance / Imperfect Disaster / James Ray Band – Town & Country Club, 20th October 1989

Another trip to Kentish Town’s Town & Country Club to see (once again) Ghost Dance. Once again they were fantastic – consistently one of the best bands I’d ever see live and on this occasion (if I ignore Imperfect Disaster who were poor to middling at best) they had the James Ray Band in support.

I was already a big fan of James Ray (he was the singer on The Sisterhood album ‘The Gift’ that many people mistake for Andrew Eldricth out of The Sisters of Mercy) so big bonus for me 🙂

I’m lucky enough to have a few vinyl LP’s from James Rays Gangwar and James Ray & The Performance, but they’ve been pretty invisible on streaming sites until the last few months. If you get the chance then check them out on Spotify (links above).

Being a Friday night, and being young enough not to let having to go to work the next morning stop me, we all headed down to Catacombs in Manor House afterwards. The Catacombs was my favourite club for years – very goth/indie, pretty small, but an absolutely fantastic atmosphere and clientele 🙂

Ghost Dance – Celebrate
Price : £6.00

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