Gig 002 – Def Leppard / Loverboy – Wembley Arena, 12th April 1988

It was just under four months between my first two gigs. I was still 15 so couldn’t exactly afford to go rocking and rolling every night at that point!

My second ever gig saw me return to Wembley Arena and another tour of a classic album – Def Leppards “Hysteria” Tour. The album was huge, they were huge and they had a string of really great hit singles floating around the charts from the title track “Hysteria” to “Animal” and “Pour Some Suger On Me” to the ballard “Love Bites”. I loved every minute of them live and even ended up buying my first gig t-shirt at the show :p

Def Leppard – Animal

I can’t really remember too much about Loverboy, the support for the night, apart from they were very, very 80’s MOR.

Loverboy – Queen of the Broken Hearts
Price: £8.00

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