GIG 306 : All Living Fear – Camden Palace, 5th September 1996

I can’t remember the name of it but a couple of friends had decided to start a goth night at Camden Palace on Thursdays. I’m not sure it was weekly as the only times I went was the first Thursday in September and the first Thursday in October – so it was quite possibly monthly. Although it ended up being short lived (I’m not sure they made it to November!)

It was quite ambitious as Camden Palace is a large venue – plus being a Thursday night would have posed it’s own weeknight issues. Feet First (the indie night at Camden Palace on Tuesdays) largely survived due to having been going since the 80’s, having a lot of well known or up-and-coming bands playing, and popular with students due to the very cheap entry fee and drink prices. Even then there were some nights at Feet First which were pretty sparsely attended (especially during term time when exams were happening or about to be happening). Goth was not as big as the indie market, plus this was a bang spanking new club and every club needs some time to build a reputation and get the numbers in.

They certainly had the right idea though. The DJs were really good and they followed Feet Firsts format of having a live band play. For their inaugural event they had All Living Fear as the evenings band. I’d seen All Living Fear twice before, and they’d been getting better with every outting. This evenign was one of the best times I saw them and they put on a really great show.

All Living Fear – Crimson

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