GIG 301 : 3 Colours Red – Camden Palace, 30th July 1996

Not that we needed an excuse to go to Feet First at Camden Palace, but this evening was one of our mates (Graham) 21st birthday so a gathering and party was to be had. The eveings band was an English indie/rock band called 3 Colours Red who’d formed a couple of years earlier in 1994. They would go on to achieve some success, with two Top 20 albums and six Top 40 singles before splitting up in 1999.

They released their debut single in 1996, “This Is My Hollywood”, which got as far as #162 in the charts. I’m not sure what happened between and their next single release in 1997 but that single, “Nuclear Holiday” reached #22 and started a run of singles hitting the charts plus their debut album hitting #16 in the charts when it was released that year.

I can’t remember too much about the band, and nothing about the live performance, as whilst I thought they were fine live they didn’t blow my socks off and have merged with hundreds of other bands I’ve seen over the years that were workmanlike, but didn’t hit that spot for me.

3 Colours Red – Beautiful Day

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