GIG 278: Mice / The Heads – Dingwalls, 23rd April 1996

Mice were formed in 1995 after All About Eve broke up. The band consisted of former Eve members Julianne Regan and Mark Price, ex-Powder bassist Tim McTighe and ex-Levitation guitarist Christian Hayes. They released three singles and one album, but ended up seperating in 1997 after their record label went bust owing them money.

I was/am a massive All About Eve fan so was very keen to hear new material from Julianne Regan and had picked up the first two singles (Mat’s Prozac” in November 1995, and “The Milkman” in early 1996) when they came out. the album was’t due until later summer (it ended up soming out in early August and was preceded by their third, and final, single “Dear Sir” in July). Mice took on a more indie sound, which wasn’t really surprising given the band make-up, and whilst I liked them I definitely preferred All About Eve, but the opportunity to see them live wasn’t one I was going to miss.

As it was on a Tuesday evening, in Camden (Dingwalls in Camden Lock market) it also meant a trip to Camden Palace’s Feet First club was in order after the gig… especially as I didn’t have to worry about getting up the next day as I had a week off. So I met up with my best mate, Michael, and headed to Camden.

The support band were called The Heads. I don’t remember anything about them, and the vague note I have for them is pretty inconclusive. I didn’t *not* like them, but they also didn’t blow me away. They seem to have quite firmly been in that zone of “I’ve seen them, but probably won’t again”. Perfectly ok, but nothing to make them stand out,

Mice were pretty good live, but then the sum of their parts should certainly have made them a good live band as everyone involved had a lot of experience behind them. I really enjoyed them and although they wouldn’t get into the Top Ten bands of 1996 they were certainly in the top 25% of the bands I saw this year.

Mice – The Milkman
Price: £6.00

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