GIG 273: Sten – Camden Palace, 2nd April 1996

Fresh from seeing Puressence at The 100 Club I stopped off at Camden Palace for some after gig action. Tuesday nights were fantastic nights at The Feet First club run by Jonathon & Eko, and having managed to get a guest pass for the club some time ago it was a regular haunt of mine.

Tonight’s band were Sten – a band I have zero recollection or knowledge of, and a band which the internest has been remarkably unhelpful at finding any info about. There are apparently some bands/artists calling themselves Sten around in the 00’s and present, but nothing I can find that were active in the mid-90’s so I have no idea who these guys/gals were. I know I found them ok, but not remarkable. But I guess I’d had such a cracking gig earlier in the evening the musical gods had given me my full for the night. Still, the club was great and loads of friends were there so it was a great way to finish off the night.

Price: £2 with flyer – or free with guest pass.

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