GIG 254: Incubus Succubus / Cries of Tammuz / Sin Die Kult – Marquee, 17th December 1995

A week before Christmas and a last trip to The Marquee for 1995, once again to see Incuibus Succubus and Cries of Tammuz on the same bill. This time joined by Sin Die Kult, a band I hadn’t seen before.

Sin Die Kult were ok, but didn’t really stand out from many of the bands I’d seen over the years. Not bad, but not outstanding. Cries of Tammuz were also alright on this occasion, which given I’d seen them a load of times when they were ‘great’ was a shame but I knew them well enough to know they could do a lot better than ‘alright’.

Incubus Succubus put on, once again, a really good show and were certainly the best band of the evening by a clear margin.

Incubus Succubus – Paint It Black
Price: £5.00

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