GIG 236: Die Laughing / Midnight Configuration / All Living Fear – Borderline, 8th October 1995

I’d been to The Slimelight all night and hadn’t woken up until 5pm, so this ‘evening’ gig almost felt like a mid-morning affair for me. To be honest I’m glad I managed to make it in time as I’d just pulled two all-nighters clubbing over the weekend and was feeling fairly shattered.

I hadn’t seen either of the support bands before, but both became mainstays of the goth circuit. All Living Fear and Midnight Configuration were both pretty good but you could tell the scale of the difference as soon as Die Laughing took the stage.

Die Laughing are one of the bands that were on the 90’s goth circuit that I really felt deserved wider attention and success. They released four albums between 1995 and 1998 and appeared on a host of compilation albums.

I’d seen them three times before, but this Borderline gig was the first time I’d seen them headlining their own show. They proved more than worthy headliners, and put on a phenomenal performance.

Die Laughing – Glamour and Suicide
Price: Unknown

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