GIG 226: China Drum / Paw – Camden Palace, 22nd August 1995

Back in London after a week away in my hometown, Lowestoft, visiting my grandparents with one of my sisters, followed by a weekend away in Flitwick visiting Michaels parents and friends, and Tuesday’s Feet First club conveniently came around again giving all involved the perfect excuse (as if we needed one) to all meet up for a night of pubbing and clubbing.

This evenings live-entertainment was a double bill at Camden Palace – Paw being the first band on at around 10.30pm followed by China Drum at midnight.

Paw were an American alt-rock rock and were pretty fun. I don’t know much about them but having just played a couple of tracks I can see why I’d have liked them live. They released a couple of albums, and a few of their songs have appeared on some video games.

China Drum was a band I already knew a bit about through the music press and a couple of singles. They also played a blinding cover of Kate Bush’ “Wuthering Heights”, which eventually came out as a b-side on a single the following year. They were a three-piece consisting of brothers Bill (guitar) and Dave (bass) McQueen and Adam Lee (drummer and singer). You don’t get many drummer/singer combos (although there are a handful of pretty famous ones such as Dave Grohl and Phil Collins), and it certainly makes a different dynamic on stage when your frontman is also the person furthest back behind the most static kit on the stage. Really enjoyed them though and very pleased I managed to catch them live.

China Drum – Wuthering Heights
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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