GIG 222: Sheep On Drugs / Cranium H.F. – LA2, 22nd July 1995

This was almost my last ever concert. It was a Saturday night and I did this gig at the LA2, headed to Slimelight all night, my parents for lunch and the afternoon on Sunday followed by seeing a load of friends on Sunday night. On Monday I was off to Manchester (well, Stockport) to stay with a friend and had quit my job and had it in mind that I might never come back again. Not come back to only London, but I’d vanish somewhere. I was in a pretty low place, and it was only really the thought of what it’d feel like for my family and friends if I was never seen or heard from again which brought me back… plus also my love of clubbing and live music and thinking of everything I’d end up missing. But it was a very rough patch for me.

Cranium H.F. were ok. For some reason my memory had them down as being better, but I’d not seen them before – and not sure I ever saw them again – so I guess I was mixing them up with another band as my notes show I thought they were very firmly in the ‘OK’ category – not great but not terrible.

Sheep On Drugs I had seen before, and this was the fifth time I saw them. They were still a band I listened to a lot at home, at clubs, and had helped inspire some of my writing at the time. I had always enjoyed them live, and tonight was no exception. They put on a great show and certainly gave me a good send off.

Sheep On Drugs – From A To H And Back Again
Price: £7.00

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