GIG 220: 311 – Camden Palace, 11th July 1995

Tuesday night at Camden Palace had some good bands, some bad bands, and bands from all over the indie-rock-alt-dance spectrum. 311 were (or I should say are as they’re still going) American alt.rock band that fused funk into the mix. I guess a little like Red Hot Chilli Peppers and a few other bands that had been around for a few years by this time.

I was not in to funk rock.

They became pretty big the following year in the States and scored a load of best selling singles and albums.

Whilst I thought they were ok I didn’t overly enjoy them. But that was one of the great things about Feet First at Camden Palace – you got a whole mix of bands playing live there. Some you discovered and loved, others you listened to and never heard of again.

311 – Amber
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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