GIG 214: Whale / Ringo – The Water Rats, 12th June 1995

I could have been in Stockholm for this gig rather than London. Michael, Francesca and I were three of very few Brits in The Water Rats on this Monday evening. Whale were pretty popular in their native Sweden and had scored a top 10 hit over there, whereas it would only be somepoint this month (June ’95) that it would break in to the UK chart reaching a peak of #15. So it was overwhelmingly Swedes at this gig.

I really wasn’t impressed with the support band, Ringo, and can’t remember anything about them. Whale, on the other hand, were so full of energy and really got the whole place going. Not only with their break through single, “Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe”, but their entire set was really good.

It was sadly the only time I ever saw them live, but I think seeing them in the small backroom of The Water Rats pub surrounding by Swedes was probably the ideal time to do so.

Whale – Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe

Price: £5.00

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