GIG 202: The Calling / Pitful of Ugly / Die Laughing – Marquee, 26th March 1995

Some Sunday night bands at The Marqquee were great, others were – politely put – less so. Given how often I used to head down to see bands there on a Sunday evening I feel I had a lot more ‘hits’ than ‘misses’ but there were certainly nights that just didn’t work for me.

This one started off so strong – with the brilliant Die Laughing putting a great set. They were one of the better bands on the goth circuit and deserved to get a lot bigger than they did. Always enjoyable.

The problem was that it was all downhill after Die Laughing left the stage. I really wasn’t keen on either the second support, Pitful of Ugly, or the main band of the evening, The Calling (not the US rock band that formed and were reasonably successful a few years later).

Thankfully I had good company as plenty of people I knew were at the gig, and of course I had managed to see Die Laughing again.

With the lack of finding anything online about The Calling I’ve opted to post a Die Laughing track for this entry… which is probably for the best I guess given what my notes thought of the headliners.

Die Laughing – Safe Little World
Price: Unknown

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