GIG 198: Cubanate / Judda – The Underworld, 17th February 1995

Friday night in Camden and a combo of gig plus a night of clubbing awaits. The gig, at The Underworld (so called as the venue is in the basement of The World’s End pub), is for two bands that I’ve seen a number of times and really enjoy – Cubanate and Judda. Unbenownst to me it would be the last time I saw either band.

Given it would be the last gig I saw of either of them, and they’d both been bands I really enjoyed, it was a shame that neither impressed on this outting. We missed part of Judda’s set which was a real shame (getting home from work, eating/chaning, meeting up with people and then getting to the gig proved to take a little longer on a Friday night than I’d have hoped) but they felt a bit flat – which was higly unusual for them. As for Cubanate, something just didn’t work oon this occasion for some reason. They were still ok, but nowhere near as good as they could be.

As this was my last Cubanate gig I guess I have to admit that my memories of seeing them in a larger venue were obviously false. I was sure I’d seen them somewhere like The Astoria, or atleast LA2, but apart from twice at The Marquee and this gig at The Underworld it appears I never saw them elsewhere.

Cubanate – Oxyacetylene
Price: Unknown

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