GIG 144: The Sisters of Mercy / La Costa Rasa – Brixton Academy, 21st December 1993

Night Two of The Sisters of Mercy at Brixton Academy. Night One had been fantastic, the best Sisters gig I’d ever seen. Could Night Two compete in any way to what had occurred under 24 hours earlier?

We opted to stay for an extra pint in the pre-gig pub as opposed to see La Costa Rasa again as they hadn’t impressed the night before. We had a few of the faces from the previous night but were also joined by Sue, Yusuf, Tim, Helen and Liz – so another sizable crowd of us.

Entering Brixton Academy, with a certain amount of excitement tinged by intrepidation as to whether tonight would hold up to yesterday and send us off on another high, we were met with a wall of dry ice. The Sisters were about to come on.


They hit it out of the park a second night running. Yet again one of the best Sisters of Mercy gigs I’ve ever been to and, between these two nights, they rank right up there for me as one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen – they were that good. Little did I know I wouldn’t see them again until 1997. That would be a long time to wait, but the memories of these two gigs would keep that fix itched for years to come.

The Sisters of Mercy – More
Price: £15.00

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