GIG 122: The Cult / Fun-Da-Mental / Hair & Skin Trading Co. – Brixton Academy, 29th June 1993

Having seen The Cult supporting Guns N’ Roses the previous month (GIG 119) we now got to see them as a headliner, and at one of my favourite venues.

The Cult were supported by Hair & Skin Trading Co. (who I wasn’t keen on) and Fun-da-Mental, a British Asian hip-hop/techno group founded by Aki Nawaz who was the drummer for Southern Death Cult, the band that eventually become The Cult.

I quite liked Fun-da-Mental but I’m not sure if part of the crowd reacted badly or it was a pre-recorded stunt. Between the songs it sounded like people were boo’ing the band. The thing is that I couldn’t hear any boo’ing from the crowd and it sounded like it was coming from the speakers. That’s not to say it wasn’t actually part of the crowd, but if it was it was certainly a minority and the majority were either enjoying the set or apathetic towards them. The more they were having a go at the crowd though, the more it riled up the crowd against them. Whatever the cause it was certainly a shame as it certainly cast a shadow over their set.

The Cult were good, better than the Milton Keynes gig, but then they had a longer set available to them as headliners and the crowd was there to see *them* and there is definitely a difference in response and atmosphere when being a warm-up act.

The Cult – Rain
Price : £12.50

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