GIG 120: Carter U.S.M. – Camden Palace, 8th June 1993

Camden Palace – The Feet First Club – Jonathon & Eko’s Tuesday night Indie club. Cheap entry (usually £2 with a flyer or £4 without), £2 a pint or bottle of Pils for £1, doors open at 9pm, band on at midnight, club wraps up a few hours later. Dash back on the night bus, up for work all bright-eyed and not hung over (honest). The bands ranged from the relatively unknown to the well known – a bit of pot luck what you got any given week.

This week, though, the stage was graced by Job Bob and Fruitbat of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine playing a secret(ish) warm-up gig in preparation for their Great Xpectations in Finsbury Park the following Sunday (13th June) which had The Cure headlining and Belly, Catherine Wheel, Kingmaker, Senseless Things are more on the bill. Sadly I wasn’t going to Great Xpectations, but seeing Carter at The Camden Palace was still great fun and they played a blinding show!

Carter U.S.M. – Sheriff Fatman
Price: £2 with flyer

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