GIG 118: Creaming Jesus / Judda / Death By Crimpers – The Borderline, 28th May 1993

This was a great gig, not least because I was managing to see Creaming Jesus again – who were always fun live – but I was also introduced to Judda. Well, I say ‘introduced to’ – I actually already knew of the band as someone I knew was in them, but I’d never heard them before.

Judda were a fantastic live band, excelling in chaos and anger. Pedro, the front man, often coaxing the crowd and headbutting cans of lager in to the front rows. They played a very raw form of industrial and I instantly loved them. I ended up seeing them a number of times, owned a shirt or two (the band actually had a sideline in t-shirts they sold at Camden Market if I recall correctly) but they never sadly released an album and when they eventually burnt up in a blaze of sweat and blood they left an unmarked grave – with own their adrenaline-fused performances etched in the memories of those lucky enough to have caught them.

Well, the above was true until 2015 – almost twenty years after the band had split – when an album of their early 90’s recordings was released – “Total Fucking War”. I grabbed a copy straight away to reawaken industrial flashbacks of venues raining sweat and dancing like a lunatic. The album is also available on Spotify these days too.

Anyway, great gig. Even the first support band, Death By Crimpers was really good – I just can’t remember anything about them beyond my notes at time though as between Creaming Jesus and Judda any left braincells were destroyed.

Creaming Jesus – Lillies
Price : Unknown

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