GIG 109/110/111: Suspiria / Moon / Demi-Gods – The Dandy Lion – 28/12/92 – 11/01/93 – 08/02/93

I’m wrapping up the next three gigs I went to in to a single entry here. Mainly because they were all small ‘student/alternative’ Monday night gigs at The Dandy Lion in Barnet. As mentioned a few times, the bands the played the Dandy Lion were generally local bands and often not all that great. There were some exceptions, but they were certainly few and far between.

The main reason we headed over to Barnet was to see friends, have a few drinks, and dance away as the ‘club’ night either side of the band was good fun and had some excellent music.

Over the above three nights we saw Suspiria (not the goth band of the same name that appeared a few years later), Moon, and Demi-Gods. The first two were fairly dull whilst Demi-Gods were good fun and comprised of a few people we knew (who had been in some other local bands – I think formerly Bogus Gods).

The December gig (Suspiria) was great fun as it was the first night out after Christmas and we had a load of people join us – including Martin & Michelle from Brighton, Yvonne, Dawn, Michael, Helen, Sunil, Liz, Sarah amongst many others. Everyone had obviously had enough of the ‘quiet’ Christmas break and wanted to get out and let their hair down 🙂

Prices: Probably £1 or £2 tops

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