GIG 098: Witching Hour / Venus Fly Trap – The Scream Club, 8th March 1992

From the metal of Zodiac to ‘very much a goth band’ with The Witching Hour for my next gig of 1992.

Now this one was held somewhere called “The Scream Club” which I can remember absolutely nothing about (the club that is). I suspect it was actually the backroom of a pub similar to The Water Rats (fantastic pub and venue in Kings Cross, London) of something. In any case, I think this was the only time I went there – and it was sadly not the much more famous Scream Club in Los Angeles that was running in the 80’s and 90’s

With me on this outing were Dawn and Michael (my girlfriend and one of my best friends at the time). The Witching Hour themselves were pretty good, but their support on the night – Venus Fly Trap – were pretty dire. Both bands are still active today (2022). Venus Fly Trap having released eight albums and The Witching Hour have a couple I believe.

The Witching Hour – She’s Alive
Price: Unknown

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