GIG 095 : ? – The Dandy Lion 03/02/92 + GIG 096: Rib – The Dandy Lion 10/02/92

Typical Monday ‘students’ night at The Dandy Lion on Barnet High Street. I haven’t got a clue who the band on the 3rd February was (so they must have made an impression!) and Rib on the 10th were pretty poor but atleast got a namecheck in my diary!

I do know that we had great company on both nights though with the likes of Dawn, Alex, Nick, Julie, Mark, Katrina, Lucy, Steve, etc, all there.

The Dandy Lion’s Monday nights were always more about the company, mucking around and dancing than the bands in anycase, so I’m really not surprised that I don’t remember more of them and that most of the bands that played there were fairly poor.

Price: Unknown

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