GIG 090: Creaming Jesus / Nutmeg / Working With Tomatoes – The Borderline, 20th July 1991

It was Saturday night and Creaming Jesus (then one of my favourite live bands) were playing the Borderline. Was there any doubt I’d be there?

Creaming Jesus always had a fantastic energy around them, and the mosh pit (something many people don’t equate to ‘goth’ bands all that often) had the right balance between physical-yet-friendly. You knew you were going to get some hits, but nothing you couldn’t take đŸ˜‰

The support bands were both ok, nothing spectacular, but Creaming Jesus were (as so often) great.

After the gig a large group of us descended on a popular old haunt of mine… The Catacombs in Manor House. The Catacombs was the first club I had been to and I pretty much lived there most Friday and Saturday nights from the ages of 16-18 – eventually abandoning it to Full Tilt at the Electric Ballroom, Rock at the Astoria and a little late Slimelight in Angel.

I still have very fond memories of The Catacombs. It was a really nice goth/metal/alternative club.

Creaming Jesus – Stray Toasters
Price: Unknown

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