GIG 085: Bogus Gods – The Dandy Lion, 20th May 1991

I can’t remember much about this gig but that’s probably for a number of reasons.

1) I saw Bogus Gods a number of times in Barnet as they were a friends band.
2) They played some good gigs which I remember, and some ok gigs of which this was obviously one.
3) It was in The Dandy Lion – which catered for an alternative/student night on Mondays which we pretty much went to every week as the drink was cheap, the company good, and played music you could make a fool of yourself to on the dancefloor. As such a number of the evenings there did tend to blur into one MEGA-evening with only a few really standout exceptions (like the night that River Phoenix died).

Price: Unknown (probably £1 door charge as I’m pretty sure there was someone parked by the front door with a register and a stamp).


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