GIG 083: King’s X / Mindfunk – Town & Country Club, 10th May 1991

I remember Fabio taking me down to see King’s X on the back on his bike… and anyone who knows Fabio knows the really nice machines he used to own :p

King’s X were a mixture of rock and funk – there were a few bands dabbling with the sound around then, with Living Color being another fairly big name at the time.

The support band was called Mindfunk who were pretty decent and were on tour promoting their debut album. Mindfunk were a curious band as they had members from bands such as Ministry, Celtic Frost, Nirvana and Soundgarden in it – but didn’t sound anything like any of them – preferring more of a straight forward rock approach.

King’s X were good fun. The lead singer was charismatic and carried the audience with him. Fun evening 🙂

King’s X – It’s love
Price : £8.00

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