GIG 069: Sisters of Mercy / The Mothers – Wembley Arena, 24th November 1990

This was a big moment for me. The Sisters of Mercy were one of my favourite bands at the time (along with The Mission, Ghost Dance and Fields of the Nephilim) and the only one of those I hadn’t yet seen.

They were playing Wembley Arena on their Vision Thing tour. Many people didn’t think we’d ever see a live show from The Sisters again (I think their last tour had been back in 1986) so these dates were very eagerly awaited. I had tickets for both this night (a Saturday) and for the Monday (GIG 070) and couldn’t wait.

Wembley wasn’t my favourite venue but at the time The Sisters were massive and you couldn’t see them anywhere else. It was also very odd having seats for the gig (this was at a time before Wembley started making the front of the stage area standing only) but that didn’t diminish our enthusiasm or enjoyment of the occasion.

The support band, The Mothers, were reasonably unforgettable. Whether this was due to the anticipating of the main act, the size of the venue, or just because they *were* unforgettable I don’t know – but I can’t remember anything about them at all (and I ended up seeing them twice!). The Sisters on the other hand didn’t disappoint and I loved every minute of it. The only thing that stopped this being a fantastic gig in my books was the fact that it was at Wembley Arena (I saw the Sisters a lot during the 90’s and the smaller venues like Brixton Academy and the Town & Country Club had much better atmospheres – and of course we could dance!!!).

Great night though and a whole bunch of us decamped after the show to The Catacombs which was a fantastic little alternative/goth club above a pub in Manor House that had become a regular haunt of mine most Friday and Saturday nights 🙂

The Sisters of Mercy – Vision Thing
Price: £12.50

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