GIG 051: Borghesia – Camden Palace, 17th April 1990

Camden Palace was slowly becoming a favourite Tuesday night haunt. Not as much as it would a few years later for me, but it was a place that a bunch of my school friends and I would head to for drinks, dancing, and whatever live band was on that night. It was incredibly cheap to get in (maybe £1 or £2, sometimes completely free) and the drinks were subsidised as it was for all intents and purposes a student Indie night (back then Indie meant covering everything that wasn’t usually in the charts).

It was also the first time I realised (a few days later) how oblivious I was to being chatted up. One of the girls (whom I’d met at a friends party the previous weekend) had only met two of my other friends and myself once but came along anyway. I didn’t think anything of it. I was (and am) a friendly, chatty, pretty oblivious person when I know someone so just thought it was nice that the group had grown. I didn’t realise until we all met up at the pub a few days later that she actually came along because she fancied me – I would say I was pretty blind at 17 (hell, it took Mat handcuffing me to one girl to make me realise she liked me!) but I think I’m probably still pretty blind a few decades later!

Anyway, the night was fantastic but I thought Borghesia (a Slovenian EBM band – although I’m not entirely sure it was called EBM back then) were really poor. Which in hindsight is pretty weird as I liked a number of other EBM/Industrial bands such as Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, etc, at the time and listening to some of their videos on Youtube before writing this up I don’t think they are too bad now. Maybe my attention was on other things that night…

Borghesia – Divlja Horda
Price: Unknown (but very cheap)

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