GIG 046: Fish / Stage Dolls – Hammersmith Odeon, 1st April 1990

I enjoyed Marillion (whom I would also see later in the year) and Fish (who had left Marillion in 1988 to go solo). One of my best mates, Simon, was also a fan so we both got tickets and headed down to Hammersmith to see him live, promoting his new “Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors” album.

I seem to remember his stage set was made out to be a series of rooftops, complete with chimney stacks.

Fish played a bunch of his solo material but also entertained us by playing a few of the Marillion hits (such as Kayleigh) which were the highlights for me. I actually remember (sadly) being a bit underwhelmed by Fish and preferring the support, The Stage Dolls, on the night.

A couple of years later I actually met Fish and spent the night drinking with him. He’s an incredibly nice and amiable chap (although I think every third or fourth word was f**k or f**king) and I’m very pleased to have managed to have seen him live.

Fish – A Gentleman’s Excuse Me
Price: £10.00

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