GIG 037: When It Rains / The Presence / The Clamheads – Marquee,  22nd January 1990

I sadly can’t remember much about this gig at all. It was one that I went to by myself and I didn’t like the opening act, The Clamheads, but When It Rains and The Presence were both apparently pretty good.

I actually signed up to The Presence’s mailing list because a few years later I was involved as a witness in a court case for them where they were trying to take Lol Tolhurst (of The Cure) to court as he had just started a new band also called The Presence (with pretty much the same font and logo too if I recall) and they were contesting the name.

They came to an out of court settlement I believe which also involved them changing their name. Apparently (and I did not know this until today) they changed it to Puressence – which was a massive surprise to me as I love Puressence, have seen them live a number of times, but had never ever made the connection before.

When It Rains are another band whom I saw in the early 90’s that doesn’t seem to have any internet record of their existence. They are also a band whose name is now in use by an entirely difference band these days who were only formed a few years ago – with no relation to the band of the same name I saw in January 1990.

Price: Unknown

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